Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Ghariala Dragon Harvester Action Figure

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Product Description

Across a new world, the battle for the ages continues to rage. New allies come to the aid of the embattled, while nefarious creatures stalk the shadows. 

Valiant knights stride across the land. Elves stalk the woodland realms. Magic is shaped and shifted into powerful spells and creatures. Dragons cut through the sky bringing fear and awe, and always, the war drums of the Orc conquerors beat.

Take up sword and shield, bow and arrow, or spell and staff and relive the gruesome conflict with the fantasy figures from Series 2, then use the amazing H.A.C.K.S. system to mix, match and make your own! 

Includes blister-carded 4" Action Figure with accessories & a Boss Fight Figure Stand.


Dragon Harvester
Historical Documentation:
Ghariala is a poacher and master thief. She has amassed a fortune by killing dragons, raiding their nests for treasure and taking their eggs. She takes care of the eggs and hatches the resulting baby dragons for sale to wealthy individuals or to kill for their hides, teeth, claws, and any other parts that could be valuable to others. Dragon bone is as tough as steel while being very light and portable, rendering it useful as a building material and in the production of high end magical weaponry. As supplier to some of the finest weapon-smiths; Ghariala has amassed a considerable fortune and may in fact be the wealthiest person ever. She has no scruples and will betray or destroy anything that stands in her way of yet more riches.

Temporal Log:
Dragons come in various shapes and sizes; some are no bigger than  a large dog and inhabit swamps and marshes. They eat smaller animals such as rabbits, hares and foxes for sustenance. The largest dragons are able to carry off a cow in their claws for dinner. The smaller varieties although unique to this realm, are explainable through natural evolution; they’re flying reptiles with the ability to store and ignite the methane which all animals produce in order to hunt. The larger ones should be physically impossible; their shin bones snapping from their huge weight when they touch down, their stomachs exploding from the sheer firepower in their bellies. The maneuvers we’ve seen them make in the air would tax the abilities of jet aircraft. It is impossible that they are naturally occurring creatures and are most commonly sighted in areas of high magical fallout. Maybe these animals made use of the natural magical resources available to them to evolve into their present gargantuan state?

Product Features

  • 4 inches (10.16cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Customizable figure
  • Highly articulated figure
  • Blister-carded action figure
  • Includes Boss Fight figure stand

Box Contents

  • Ghariala figure
  • Dragon 
  • Dragon stand
  • 3 Dragon eggs
  • Alternate head
  • Sword
  • Base