Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. King Lance Steelblade Action Figure

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Product Description

Across a new world the battle for the ages continues to rage.

Valiant knights stride across the land. Elves stalk the woodland realms. Magic is shaped and shifted into powerful spells and creatures. Dragons cut through the sky bringing fear and awe, and always, the war drums of the Orc conquerors beat.

Take up sword and shield, bow and arrow, or spell and staff and relive the gruesome conflict with the fantasy figures from Series 2, then use the amazing H.A.C.K.S. system to mix, match and make your own! 

King of Accord

Historical Documentation: 
Castle Accord overlooks innumerable glades and valleys. The inhabitants of these regions flourished under the watchful protection of the knights. As well as security the order provided locals with charitable support and schooling for their children. Orphaned children were taken in by the knights and offered the ability to learn a trade such as blacksmithing or carpentry. Some were even asked to join the 'Sons of Accord', the training program for the knights themselves. Lance, orphaned in a house fire, joined the sons at only ten when his superior physical strength was first noticed. When the previous King of Accord and senior knights disappeared, Lance rose through the ranks, facing down older men who felt it as their opportunity and reinvigorating those morale depleted soldiers left behind. Some still challenge him due to his willingness to stand and fight for what he believes is right and make the world a better place. This proactive stance doesn't fit well with more conservative members of the order. A small cohort of his closest knights never leave his side for fear that his enemies will try to murder him and reverse his accomplishments.

Temporal Log: 
Lance Steelblade doesn't want to believe it, but his former mentor and commander has now become a powerful force for evil. Even the orcs cower away when the Knights of Asperity draw near. A gathering of the forces of good versus the armies of darkness draws near, how this war ends depends on how well the elves, knights, barbarians and faeries can work together.

Product Features

  • 4 inches (10.16cm)
  • Customizable figures
  • Articulated figure
  • Blister-carded action figure
  • Includes Boss Fight figure stand

Box Contents

  • Lance Steelblade - King of Accord figure
  • 2 Alternate heads
  • 2 Helmets
  • Extra shoulder armor
  • Axe
  • Shield
  • Banner
  • Boss Fight figure stand