Walt Disney World Attraction Vehicle License Plate Frame Mini-Pin Collection

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Add these pins to your Disney pin collection or trade them with fellow Guests or with Disney Cast Members wearing official Disney Pin Trading accessories.

This Open Edition mini pin collection contains seven pins of license plates themed to Walt Disney World Resort Attractions. The pins include: #77137 - DOOMBGY (Doombuggy, the vehicle used in The Haunted Mansion Attraction) #77138 - MONORL (Monorail Attraction) #77139 - SPACMTN (Space Mountain Attraction) #77140 - EXPEVRST (Expedition Everest Attraction) #77141 - GO4LNCH (Go for launch, a phrase associated with Mission: SPACE Attraction) #77142 - TOYMNA (Toy Story Midway Mania) #77143 - GO N DOWN (Going down, a phrase associated with The Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror Attraction)